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Beading jewelry Supplies Beading jewelry Tools & Storage
Beading Jewelry Supplies
Creative jewelry making

Beaded jewelry

Beading jewelry Supplies, Tools & Storage Items for most jewelry applications

A set of tools for a beginning beader:

1. Basic hand tools for beading

snipe nose pliers, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, wire cutters, tweezers

2. Stringing Cable, Cord, Wire & Chain

Beading wire often used incude:

"No-stretch"thin polyester cord, bonded nylon wires, colorful waxed thin Polyester Cord.

Wire wrapping enthusiasts can also select from the following:

Beading Jewelry Supplies
Creative jewelry making

sterling silver, gold-filled chain, permanently colored solid copper wire, Greek leather, waxed cotton and satin cord.

You can buy bulk chain (sold by the foot) and finished chain (sold by specific length and made up with a clasp).


Plated metal findings, sterling silver or glodfilled and vermeil necklace findings, earring findings,springring clasps,hookeye clasps, Lobster Claw jewelry clasps

4.Other Beading Supplies

Needles, glues, adhesives, loom, charms, beads, stack jars, necklace planner, bead storage and care.

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