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Crystal Color vs Meaning

The following outlines each crystal color affects you:

Clear - Clear crystal related to your intuition and communication with others. Use clear crystal to help you establish trust in the Universe.

Blue - Blue is a color of peace. Use blue crystal when you are nervous or restless.

Green - Green is a color of Nature. Green crystal is helpful for healing and balance.

Indigo - Indigo help one to achieve a deeper state of meditation. Use indigo crystal when you feel you can't see the "truth".

Orange - Orange strengthens personal power and friendliness. Use orange crystal when you are in all types of fears, low self-esteem, or feel insecurity.

Crystal Color vs Meaning

Pink - Pink is related to love and pain release. Use pink crystal when you want to send love to someone or when your heart feels hurt.

Red - Red indicate energy. Use red crystal to overcome depression and lack of vitality.

Violet - Violet is related to wisdom and enlightenment. Use violet crystal to overcome boring or lack of spiritual growth.

Yellow - Yellow is related to the conscious mind. Use yellow crystal when you are unclear about your direction in life.

Black - Black is the most powerful color as it contains all the colors within. Black crystal can help you see all possibilities.

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