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How to Choose a Crystal

Crystal Choosing Guide:

Your crystal will be with you for a long time, reflect your feelings and vibrations. You may also need to use it for healing. It's most important to choose a stone that will have meaning for you When you buy a crystal.

Here are some ways to select a crystal.

Choosing by first sight

Trust your intuition when purchase your crystal. Often when you look at a range of crystals, choose the one which most appeals to you. This is likely to be a crystal that will be beneficial to you.

How to Choose a Crystal

Choosing by touching

Holding the crystal in your hand to feel the vibrations. You may feel one stone being very cold in your hand, or even warm. Choose the crystal which you feel right to you. This will be the stone for you.

Choosing by color

An important issue when choose a crystal for your healing, is its color. Different crystal color has different meanings.

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