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Diamond History

The name "diamond" comes from the Greek word, "adamas," for "unconquerable." Diamonds have been known and mined for thousands of years since they were first found in India earlier than 500 B.C. Diamonds were discovered in Brazil (South America) in 1729. They were also found in Arkasas, Borneo, Russia, Congo Republic (Zaire), Botswana, South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Ghana, Central African Republic, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Guyana, eastern Venezuela, Australia and The Northern Territories, Canada.

Diamonds were formed eons ago under incredible heat and pressure deep within the Earth: between 100 km and 200 km below the surface. All diamonds are at least 990,000,000 years old. Many are 3,200,000,000 years old (3.2 billion years) During the earths growing phase millions of years ago, great volcanic forces pushed the "blue earth" containing diamonds to the surface where they were scattered along rivers and into the oceans.

Diamond History

For many centuries, diamond had an amazing reputation from China and India to Egypt and Rome. Many early cultures and many countries used diamonds for their own reasons, each with their own meanings. The symbols and representations of the Diamond are expansive. It represents wealth, prosperity, love, status, magic, healing, and protection. They have been the strength, power and symbols of Kings and Queens, the ruin of kingdoms, and the teardrops of forgotten Gods.

Today one of the most common uses of the diamond is in the wedding, engagement ring, to represent the purest emotions -- commitment and deep, lasting love.

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