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Tips for diamond selection

Your diamond holds a lifetime of dreams. So of course you’ll want to know how to get the highest quality diamond. Here are some ways to examine a diamond.

How to Examine a Diamond

To accurately judge the quality of a diamond, it is advisable to use more than the naked eye.

Microscope/Loop: A microscope or a 10x magnifying glass called a jeweler's loop enables one to examine inclusions in stones. Most dealers will let you use theirs.

How to buy Diamond jewelry

Diamond Tester: A diamond tester uses light to verify that the stone you are examining is really a diamond. It does not guarantee quality -- just the type of stone. Most testers will still work when the stone is mounted.

Certification: Get a certified Diamond if you are unsure of your diamond knowledge or the jeweler you are buying from. The best known and reliable certification is from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or EGL (European Gemological Laboratory). Usually a certificate will cost you an extra $100-$200.

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