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The Cullinan I diamond, a White color diamond. photo of diamonds

Diamond photo

The Cullinan I or Star Africa diamond, 530.20 Carats, the largest cut diamond in the world.

Famous Diamond

Large and famous diamonds

The world's most remarkable diamonds, associated with their weight, shape, color.

Table of Large Diamonds
Name weight Color shape
Cullinan I 530.20 White Pear
Cullinan II 317.40 White Cushion
Incomparable 407.48 Brownish Yellow Triolette
Centenary 273.85 White (D) Heart
Red Cross 205.07 Yellow Square Brilliant
Millennium Star 203.04 White (D) Pear
La Luna 200.07 White (D) Heart
Great Chrysanthemum 198.28 Fancy Brown Pear
Orlov (Orloff) 189.6 Near White Rose
Darya-i-Nur 185 Pale Pink Rectangular
Jacob 184.5 White Oval
Moon 183.00 Near White Round
Star of Peace 170.49 Brownish Yellow Pear

World's most valuable diamonds

Table of valuable diamonds, big diamonds

Table of Large Diamonds
Name weight Color shape
Table of Islam 160.18 Black Emerald Cut
Hope of Africa 151.91 Fancy Yellow Cushion
140.50 Regent Faint Blue Cushion
Paragon 137.82 White Kite
Florentine 137.27 Light Yellow Double Rose
Premier Rose 137.02 Rose White Pear
Algeiba Star 133.03 Yellow Square Brilliant
Mountain of Splendour 135    
Koh-i-Noor 105.60 White Oval
Soleil D'or 105.54 Yellow Emerald Cut
Star of Egypt 105.51 White Emerald Cut
Hope 45.52 Blue Cushion

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