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Sources of Jade


Deposits in Hetian in Xinjiang Province, which is the most reputable jade producing area in China. Also deposits in Lantian, Dusan, Xiuyan in China.
The Jordensmishl Nephrite Jade Deposit in Poland (Discovered by Herman Traube 1885)
Nephrite Deposits between Sestri Levante and Montererosso in the Appenine Mountains in Italy (Discovered by Kalkowsky in 1906)
Liguria Deposits in India
Several Deposits in Switzerland (i.e. Salux, Val de Faller, Poschiaro, the Gottard Range, the Honduas Area)
Nephrite Deposits near Usimaki in the Netherlands

Sources of Jade


90% of jadeite deposits in Burma (Currently called Myanmar)
Piedmont in the Alps mountains in Italy (Discovered by Giess 1994)
Levo-Keichipern Jadeite Deposits in the Polar Urals in Russia

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