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What'is jade made of?

Jadeite: NaAlSi2O6
Nephrite: Ca(Mg,Fe)5Si6O22(OH)

What's the miner type of jade?

Jadeite: Pyroxene
Nephrite: Amphibole

How hard are jade gems?


Jade FAQ

How can I tell if I am buying a Type A jade in the market?

If the seller cannot guarantee it is Type A Jade in writing or a certificate issued by authorized institute, most likely they are not a Type A Jade, no matter what they say.

They said that they are selling "Real Jade", does it mean that they are selling Type A jade?

May be or may be not. Treated jade (Type B jade) is still 100% real jade with 100% natural color. It is just not Type A jade because it has been artificial treated.

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